Mindfire 1/2018

Hey !! … Never, Ever Say Die


Be passionate, not possessive of your dreams,
Down the ages “wisdom” it must seem.

For changing situations, throw challenges unseen,
Dust you may almost bite or lose your sheen !

Rise bravely, for the past – you must forget,
It’s ‘Life’s breath’ which indicates, not all’s lost yet.

Calm your soul of every defeat, anguish or pain,
Trust … “Life’s magical ways” will echo time and again !240_F_208484640_cvODn8yl2lEPJTgOkclHBU91oIpzkuLD

                                                      – PPattanath


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Made my appearance on planet Earth - Mid 1960’s. An aspiring freelance writer, who dreams to prepare a “literary cuisine” to satiate his ‘reader’s palate and appetite for words’. Psst ! Secret ingredient .... Passion !

2 thoughts on “Mindfire 1/2018”

    1. Thanks Anjani !
      Those are encouraging words from a spirited human being I know 🙂 ….
      Yes, will surely ensure and share the best I can to make that little difference on my part.


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