Mindfire 2/2018

Santa @ the Studio


podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Hi Santa ! Overjoyed to have you at our studio. Welcome and a Merry Christmas.

images  Santa : Merry Christmas Son  …. Ho Ho Ho !

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : You are well known the world over Santa … Nevertheless, would just like to throw a few basic questions for the benefit of our listeners. May I Sir ?

images  Santa : Well snow balls eh ! Son ? Shoot  … Ho Ho !

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Where do you live Santa … They say up at the North Pole ?

images  Santa : Hmmmmm …. well ! Seems a premium residential location, isn’t it ? To share a truth I actually reside where people respect the ‘spirit of life’, it’s a place where I find “life, love and laughter”.

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : But, but … you are only seen in December ?

images  Santa : Well it’s all up to you folks ! Actually, there is never a restriction to celebrate “life” ! Isn’t it Young man ?

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : That’s deep ! Wow Santa.  You know, kids believe in you however, when we grow up … eh ! we realise you are a story  … Oops apologies ! I really apologize, you know what I mean Santa ? ….. Parents hiding the gifts, trying not to get noticed, the Surpriiiiiiise !! ….. and then we all grow up, etc., etc. !!?

images  Santa : Ho ! …..that’s a snow ball Son … a really cold one huh ? Ho ! Ho ! My belly tickles Ho ! You know Son, it doesn’t matter what you realise when you grow up. Believe me I am there, only that you got to look and look real hard. You people like me to visit in December, so you notice. I celebrate the spirit of life and goodness 24×7. The season’s change, so you do not notice. You like red, white and black and those are seen in the colder months. I do my bit through other good people, through every season. Well in simplified terms, like you call it – “Secret Santa” you have got to notice your’s  !! Ho ! Ho !

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : You melted that snow ball Santa. I realise your presence. Thanks ! …. that’s valuable information indeed. What’s then with all that gifts stuff ? Good deeds round the clock to qualify for one ? Why is it so Santa ?

images  Santa : Oh simple  …. You never reward anyone for a bad deed. By the way, even if one who commits a bad deed and receives a gift or benefits, the person feels guilty and miserable sooner or later. It hurts him/ her in the long run. So it is the “good deed” which is rewarded and that is final and universal too !

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Hmmmmm … Logical and fair indeed ! Okay Santa, what’s the best gift one can ever give ?

images  Santa : Come on Son ! You know this … Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Don’t you ? Anyways, I will spell it out for you – It’s “Time”, “Your Time” for constructively contributing towards life and this world as well as the people around you. You know it …. there isn’t anything as precious or valuable. When you show you have ‘time’ for others, then your gift is automatically wrapped with ‘concern, love and respect’. Well, in today’s world where you all live – It’s feel like a challenge dear, doesn’t it ? Well ask me … It really isn’t ! You may befool others but not the Old Santa. Ho ! Ho ! Ha ! Ha !

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Agree ! Santa. Thanks. How do you the explain the effect of online websites, couriers and the digital age comfort related outsourcing effects on your good work in December or round the year like you mentioned ?

images  Santa : Yup ! Another snow ball umm Son ?!! Well you can reach out with today’s technology, I agree Son. However, introspect are you all really “reaching out” ?            ‘Instant gratification’ like I notice may seem good, but nothing, nothing at all Son, can replace the “human touch”. Well, how you can touch the lives of others can be learnt yourself – by observing what really makes one happy. You know it, there’s really a helluva’ lot of difference – ‘when you take a cake from an online store’ and ‘when you bake it yourself’ for gifting. Your real love and efforts are evident in only one ! ‘Cakes’ may be forgotten but the ‘concern’ lingers for long. Ho ! Ho ! Ho !  ….. and importantly don’t lose out on those great skills my child, if you all can really understand. 

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Santa what’s your take on these resolutions we make for the New Year ?

images  Santa : Hey Son, loosen up ! Don’t stress yourselves ! It’s always good to make resolutions. In fact, any time of the year is good for doing so. Resolutions culminate into rewards or gifts you give yourself – So be realistic, stick to it with all your heart and importantly be patient with yourself. Remember, if you cannot do the big things right away, do the small and important things in a big way. All will surely be well ! Rejoice your every successful change for the positives in life. Oh !  … I hear the bells of Rudolf beckoning me as I have to get on Son. So best wishes and ring in your “New Year” with confidence and joy …..Ho ! Ho ! Ho!

podcasting_tools-300x225-300x225Interviewer : Thanks Santa  …. We really love you !

images  Santa : So long Son ! God Bless you all and see you around.


                                                                                                                                             – PPattanath


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Made my appearance on planet Earth - Mid 1960’s. An aspiring freelance writer, who dreams to prepare a “literary cuisine” to satiate his ‘reader’s palate and appetite for words’. Psst ! Secret ingredient .... Passion !

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