PicInspire 12/ 2019

PicInspire 12/ 2019

picinspire 12-2019

What’s ‘PicInspire’ all about ?

Well ! Just to reiterate the inspiration behind these pictures, which I had started posting on 26 Jun 2018 is that ……..

Nature’s signals are plentiful in daily life and only require us to pause, observe and learn. The “PicInspire Series” is a collection of amateur photography based ‘original photographs’ with inspirational captions/ quotes/ messages.

Journey well …. enjoy the view and ride !!

The ‘message creation’ involves efforts to search ‘a meaning as close and appropriate to’ the image captured.

Best wishes,


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Made my appearance on planet Earth - Mid 1960’s. An aspiring freelance writer, who dreams to prepare a “literary cuisine” to satiate his ‘reader’s palate and appetite for words’. Psst ! Secret ingredient .... Passion !

6 thoughts on “PicInspire 12/ 2019”

  1. Sir,
    It’s really a commandable effort to enlighten others through writing.
    Substantiate pics more meaningful & get actual attention of reader & viewer.



  2. Well said Sir. Pause , “Observe and Learn” .
    Your Collection of pics and yr observing skill is really remarkable. I will wait for the next post Picinspire Series.


    1. Thanks Young Lady … Anjani !

      Really appreciate the encouraging comment and happy to be associated with spirited and talented individuals like you.
      Yessssssss 🙂 ! …. my readers fuel me take “PicInspire” to higher levels.
      Next one … Coming Soon.



  3. Ninooh …your take on ‘picinspire’ is sure an interesting and deeper angle at viewing pictures with messages…the visuals coupled with the inspirational messages definitely leave an indelible mark in our minds….


    1. Making my efforts to pass on the appeal from life’s subtle visuals and messages therefrom …. Really happy you like the work ! Thanks for your appreciation Meera aunty.
      Warm Regards


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