PicInspire 12/ 2019

PicInspire 12/ 2019

picinspire 12-2019

What’s ‘PicInspire’ all about ?

Well ! Just to reiterate the inspiration behind these pictures, which I had started posting on 26 Jun 2018 is that ……..

Nature’s signals are plentiful in daily life and only require us to pause, observe and learn. The “PicInspire Series” is a collection of amateur photography based ‘original photographs’ with inspirational captions/ quotes/ messages.

Journey well …. enjoy the view and ride !!

The ‘message creation’ involves efforts to search ‘a meaning as close and appropriate to’ the image captured.

Best wishes,



Mindfire 1/2018

Hey !! … Never, Ever Say Die


Be passionate, not possessive of your dreams,
Down the ages “wisdom” it must seem.

For changing situations, throw challenges unseen,
Dust you may almost bite or lose your sheen !

Rise bravely, for the past – you must forget,
It’s ‘Life’s breath’ which indicates, not all’s lost yet.

Calm your soul of every defeat, anguish or pain,
Trust … “Life’s magical ways” will echo time and again !240_F_208484640_cvODn8yl2lEPJTgOkclHBU91oIpzkuLD

                                                      – PPattanath

Instant Karma

Karma” in the Hindu and Buddhist religions relate to one’s thoughts, conduct and deeds which are believed to control that being’s destiny. In order to really keep at the periphery oimagesf such a major belief, I vector-illustration-with-lettering-i-saw-that-karma-handwritten-phrase_7586-978choose to adopt a non controversial but a personal view- or more appropriately an observation.


Actually, in such matters one must seek ownership of one’s own views/ beliefs, as it is an outcome which “ultimately” aligns with every individual soul.

Age of Real Time Stuff !

We have entered a world technological so advanced that many things happen at an downloadinstant ! Communication, shopping, banking, food preparation, medicare are just a few to be named here. Noticeably, if a timeline is considered since the origin of the earth then, even the ‘birth of technology’ has happened in an ‘instant’ and continues to evolve at an ‘instantaneous rate’.

So then, can “Karma” be left far behind ?….. Guess ‘no’ or probably it never has been ! Our ignorance to notice and comprehend the “cause and effect” of Karma unfolding may primarily be attributed to a capability not reached/ acquired. In my humble understanding the world runs on a cause and effect equation. It’s akin to the binary system of ‘0’ and ‘1’ or the ‘on’ or ‘off’ like in the computers. If an analogy is to be offered in literary terms, things in our exciting and fascinating planet (… and probably well beyond too) have a synonym-antonym equation/ connect or explanation !

Karma Simplified … as Understood

1-IpEiPnpB2ZQkRVPueGNA1QThen how does one go about with the working towards a sought after or good Karma ?

Undoubtedly, all the teachings, virtues, morality, goodness and wisdom down the ages are significant to understand and practice. At a much simplified level (as the author understands) it relates to keeping in constant touch with your “conscience”. Categorically speaking, it’s that one simple question an individual needs to ask … Is it right or wrong ? A vital question that one must ask “within one’s soul”. The “dilemma” however over here rests not in the question but in the complicated answer ‘we fabricate’ and the ‘more complicated actions/ deeds’ of ours that ensue !

The existence of quoted opposites above to create a balance in our universe is important (though much less understood) and mustn’t be brushed aside view ignorance or our lesser capabilities or plain arrogance. Umpteen examples big and small in our lives indicate that “Karma is at work”. We must refrain from our impulsive judgement and temptations to brand it as a coincidence or an insignificant event. It’s in the small things/ happenings around us, where the answers exist for the numerous unanswered complicated questions of life ! It is opined that in our keen observation and rational understanding, we must ‘seek our own various signs or solutions’ !

No matter what our final views …. “Karma” is about how the good and bad are interconnected to deliver reward or punishment. A ‘key point’ to note here is that Karma connects to the individual directly or at times indirectly – and that needs deeper understanding and most of all with greater responsibility.

The story that follows may seem insignificant at first look. An attempt thereby is made to explain Karma in fact “Instant Karma” as observed in our daily life. A story that can be digested or at most ring a bell within the busy urban human !

A Monsoon Story

Up above the sky so high, dark clouds gathered in the sky  – Inference ? … A heavy down pour was imminent. Well into the monsoon season, it’s the least one can expect at the proximity of the Sahyadari Hill Ranges of the Western Ghats, where we live.

I was walking back from my mother’s place close to ours. Dodging the first few drops that descended from the sky, I made a dash for the entrance of our building. On crossing the parking lot I noticed a car at the visitor’s parking. A brand new sedan …. shining in all it’s glory !

New Bitmap Image6Finding something amiss, I walked in to have a closer look. I noticed that a window screen observed so to be sparkling was actually fully lowered. An inadvertent slip up by the car owner, who probably left his car in a hurry. A quick glance within revealed a personal bag and some usual car stuff inside. The electronics that adored the interiors seemed expensive. The car had a flashy dashboard and every door with the usual set of sophisticated control buttons. I had to find the owner ! An imminent downpour was sure and that would severely damage the car’s electronics/ interiors. Not to mention any expensive stuff that the owner may have in the glove and other compartments within.

It was around lunch time and knowing that the residential society office would be closed, I dialed the security cabin at the entrance. A guard reached the parking prompt enough, heard me and went scurrying back to the gate to get the details and track the visitor.

In the meanwhile having done my part, I decide that I must rush back home. Amazingly ! ….. something kept me there. I decided to stay put, pondering for a solution to cover the open car window and probably to rule out any theft that might take place. A lot of movement happens around – vendors, delivery boys, maids and other people. Keeping the car in visibility I looked around for some cover sheet of sorts or some cloth to cover the window. The falling drops of rain seemed to step up to a light drizzle. A fleeting thought crossed my mind that if I removed my shirt, I could protect and shield the car interiors for some time in the event of a down pour.

Luckily, the owner was located soon enough by the security staff and I saw an elderly person dash towards the car. I met him with a quick introduction and explained the issue. He looked into his car and was relieved on being called there timely. Profusely grateful the man quickly narrated (… the rain by now had commenced) that when he was nearing our residential complex, he had slowed down near a school in the area. Out of genuine concern he had stopped, lowered that window glass and ensured that New Bitmap Image2a little school girl stands clear and carefully from the busy traffic in the vicinity. He in fact waited there until he saw the little girl move to a safer area and was clear of any danger. I smiled at him as he explained the reason for him to stop and care for a little child.

Having properly secured his car by now and obviate any major damage, the man and I parted ways. However and obviously not before – I loudly said to him that – ‘his good deed was returned by some energy/ power at work that kept me near his car ensuring that no harm comes his way’. The thunderous downpour from the skies had commenced by now. It seemed more like an applaud from above – We smiled, exchanged agreeable expressions, pleasantries and went our ways.

Coincidence or Karma ?

Questions ? …. to ponder …stop-signs-stop-think-observe-proceed-l7332-lg

Why did he not just drive away like so many others near the little girl at the school area ?

What made me “firstly observe and then decide to find” the owner of the car ?

Despite informing the concerned people, what made me wait that “extra bit” for the man who ensured the safety of a little child ?

Heavy rains imminent – the “rains however didn’t commence” until the man had secured his car safely  –  Why ?

Well, all of the above can be effortlessly brushed aside as a mere coincidence  ! We can get on with our lives and say it just happened. However, like I mentioned in my previous article and uphold – All one needs to do is observe with an open mind. Nothing ever happens without a reason ! Ironically many amongst us may quote scientific explanations or even ridicule it as unbelievable.  Religious teachings, spirituality, scientific explanations, discourses on positivity, beliefs and even superstitions are what many of us are made up of since our existence. Is it fair to brush aside something just because we cannot comprehend or haven’t cracked it’s code ? Well, even science will someday explain the existence of a cause and effect as such – the connect of ‘deed and destiny’. It may seem an awe generating revelation to us then ! Probably similar and unimagined in a way, like what today’s basic technology would seem to generations just 300 years ago !

In simple terms, we all are aware of the abundance in the universe and how it manifests with one’s thought. Our ignorance mustn’t be an impediment to seek – what really is …. out there ! It should suffice to humbly justify here, that despite the amazing advancements and the light years of space traveled – we still remain ignorant of our inner space – “What is Life” ?.

Conclusion – Keep it Simple !

Karma may be complex to comprehend and its understanding probably not devoid of apprehensions ! It may be worthwhile to note that – a hunch, an intuition, telepathy, sixth sense and the like are all occurrences which keep happening in our lives as well. So how do we explain such occurrences – well certainly not by brushing them aside.

All that we humans discover or invent or create has already been existent in our universe. If we haven’t reached it – It’s just that it’s time hasn’t come as yet ! If we built an unbiased assessment or legal system then it’s an extract from the Karma in the universe – which has always been out there !

Finally, it is for each one to seek his/ her belief and explanations and that’s the way New Bitmap Image512 Little Known Laws of Karma That Can Change Your Lifeour Creator has made us. Whatever then may be an explanation or our finding relating to Karma – Wouldn’t it just be ‘nice to be nice’, reach out to one another and connect to make our surroundings a better place ? We really do not need to wrinkle or turn grey to delve into such topics, rather incorporate it responsibly into our work and personal lives.New Bitmap Image3

Agree, that to understand the intricacies and the workings of Karma might take a while. However, we all know and live with something called ‘emotions’ which surely connects/ binds us all ! We can certainly work upon our attitudes, emotions, ethics, responsibilities and well being – and most importantly that of others. When we would have arrived at the real understanding of “Karma”, we would be delighted indeed with our kitty of good deeds and avoid any tedious (reincarnation related) rework ! Do not look back – “Own your Karma” now, take control and start heading into/ remain in the green zone.


Best wishes  … It is said that our “Karma” is akin to a boomerang … So throw what you would like to catch. Be proud of yourself as you play honourably at the ‘game of life’.